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With Mrs. Palmer's coaching, I was able to see first hand the benefits of changing my mindset. Her natural talent for teaching and willingness to "think aloud" showed me step by step how to improve my attitude while I worked to improve my life. It was evident she had walked the walk and wasn't just talking the talk. By implementing these simple steps I was able to accomplish my goals. More importantly, I was able to see past those goals to a brighter future instead of just rushing for the finish line. Thank you, Professor Palmer, for helping me find the JOY in my journey!


Professor Palmer helped me overcome my obsession with being everything to everybody or what some call people pleasing. I have used this strategy my whole life and didn’t even realize it until we opened up my brain using the CTFAR model and I realized that caring what others think of me isn’t useful in accomplishing my goals or being the best me. Without Professor Palmer’s expertise, I would still be driving myself crazy pleasing everyone and feeling miserable most of the time.


Professor Palmer’s Finding Joy Coaching saved my life!  I had so many self-doubts and wondered what goals to set in my life and she helped me open my brain to the many possibilities. I loved understanding the power of my thoughts and not blaming my problems on people or events.

Are you a self-critical, over-achieving, people-pleasing, depressed, anxiety-ridden mess? It wasn’t until I learned how to coach myself and be coached that I was able to use my brain’s neural pathways to create feelings of confidence, self-worth and independence!  I would love to share these liberating tools to help you feel confident and go after your dreams!  These cognitive behavior tools go beyond the self-help books, grandma’s advice, and endless therapy sessions talking about the past. You will learn how to rewire your brain, feel your emotions, and take action to create the results you’ve dreamed about.

If you want the scientific skills to handle the vicissitudes of life, then sign up for complementary coaching where you’ll learn how to rewire your brain and turn your self-loathing thoughts into powerful ones which create feelings of confidence, empowerment, happiness, and resilience. The sessions fill up fast, so don’t delay.


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